Ruangan Komen Instagram ‘Diserang’ Calon SPM 2019, Ini Respon Melissa

Beberapa hari lalu, seorang wanita bernama Melissa menjadi bualan rakyat Malaysia terutamanya dalam kalangan calon yang menduduki peperiksaan SPM sehingga menyebabkan netizen SPM menyerang ruangan komen di Instagramnya.

Ini kerana watak wanita yang bernama Melissa yang terdapat dalam kertas soalan peperiksaan Bahasa Inggeris sebenarnya memang wujud.

BACA: Gara-Gara Kertas Bahasa Inggeris, IG Wanita Bernama Melissa Diserang Calon SPM 2019

Ironinya, Melissa di Instagram ini turut meminati aktiviti sukan lasak, iaitu luncur udara atau paragliding sama seperti yang ditanya di dalam kertas peperiksaan tersebut.

Yang membezakan antara keduanya ialah umur yang mana Melissa di kertas soalan tersebut berumur 16 tahun dan Melissa di dunia sebenar ini berumur sekitar 30 tahun ke atas.

Agak memalukan apabila ruangan komen di media sosial Instagram Melissa dihujani dengan komen-komen yang negatif daripada calon SPM kita sehingga ianya boleh dikategorikan sebagai buli siber pada beliau.

Tenang berhadapan dengan hal tersebut, ini respon daripada Melissa.

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Hello to all SPM students in Malaysia. I woke up 2 days ago to find out I’d become very popular in Malaysia and was receiving thousands of messages, memes and comments on Instagram and Twitter. I was linked to a case study in the SPM English exam paper about a 16 year old paraglider called Melissa that had an accident while flying, that every 17 year old in your country had to answer. As you’ve probably realised by now, the Melissa in your exam paper has nothing to do with me – I simply happen to be a female paraglider – who loves the sport – and whose middle name is Melissa. Since all this started 48 hours ago I’ve had over 150,000 comments, likes and tweets – which – to be honest – is totally surreal… and quite overwhelming too. A lot of your messages have been beautiful and kind and I’ve been encouraged by their positivity – thank you. I’ve visited Malaysia before and love your country and I’m glad that so many of you are interested in trying paragliding. It’s a great sport 😊 However, some of the messages I’ve received haven’t been so nice: nasty messages like these are hurtful and can cause mental health issues. As a 30-something woman, I am old enough to see through this but if I was, in fact, a 16 year old girl, it's very likely this would be a different story – those who posted these comments should think before they act in future. C’mon, please #haveaheart – we’re all just humans after all ❤️❤️ Coincidentally, I’m an artist who works on projects that focus on the fusion of technology and human behaviour and how it impacts on our bodies, hearts and minds. You have given me the most amazing source material for behaviours on social media and an insight into what it feels like to be someone who’s encountered cyber bullying. As I’m sure you’ll understand, I’m not going to be posting on here over the next few days while this calms down. In the meantime, I wish you all the best of luck with the rest of your exams! Bye for now x #haveaheart #heart #theheartmatters #cyberbullying #malaysia #spm19 #art #artist #british #uk #paragliding #flylikeabird #thiswomancan @fly_sussex_paragliding

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Masyarakat hari ini memandang enteng perihal buli siber yang sebenarnya jika tidak dikawal ianya boleh menyebabkan mangsa tertekan. Seperti kata Melissa, mereka yang meninggalkan komen sepatutnya memikirkan adakah perlu komennya ditinggalkan terlebih dahulu.

4 Melissa Kertas Soalan SPM 2019
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5 Melissa Kertas Soalan SPM 2019

Ruangan Komen Instagram Melissa Kertas Soalan SPM 2019


7 Melissa Kertas Soalan SPM 2019

Ruangan Komen Instagram Melissa Kertas Soalan SPM 2019

Dengan tanda pagar #haveheart, Melissa memberitahu jika umur beliau sama dengan umur Melissa di kertas soalan SPM itu, mungkin cara penerimaan bagaimana beliau menjadi ‘popular’ adalah berbeza dengan Melissa yang berumur 30 tahun ini.

Tak kira apa pun, jangan kerana ketidakpuasan hati kita tanpa sedar kita telah melakukan buli siber pada pengguna lain.


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